Printable Handouts for the Public:

This handout defines archaeology, explains STEM intersections with archaeology, and provides information about social justice matters in archaeology.

This handout contains information about preservation laws and how they are currently under threat.

Links about Archaeology and Preservation:

50th Anniversary of the National Historic Preservation Act:

Archaeology Matters Facebook group:

Crow Canyon Archaeology Program, features excellent public and Native American collaborations:

Florida Public Archaeology Network:

History Matters: A special message from American Masters Executive Producer Michael Kantor

How Archaeology helps the Modern World:

International Archaeology Day:

Oklahoma Public Archaeology Network: 

Project Archaeology:

Public Archaeology interest group on Facebook:

Simon Fraser University Virtual Museum, Resources on Forensics:

Society for American Archaeology, for the Public Webpages:

Society for American Archaeology, Take Action Now Page:

Society for Historical Archaeology, Resources for Students & Teachers:

STEM in Archaeology activities from Time Team America:

STEM and Archaeology activities by Scotland Archaeology: 

The Heritage Education Network (THEN),

US National Park Service, Archaeology Program:      

United States Legislation Affecting Cultural Properties and Sites:                           (Many of these laws are currently threatened.  While a skeptic might think that there are too many preservation laws on the books, each of these were passed with bipartisan support in response to events that required legislation to bring about change. See Cultural Resource Law and Practice by Thomas King for an in depth history of historic preservation law.)

Abandoned Shipwrecks Act, 1987:

Antiquities Act, 1906:

The Archaeological Resources Protection Act, 1979 (ARPA):

National Historic Preservation Act, 1966 (NHPA):

National Environmental Protection Act, 1969 (NEPA): (many links on the EPA page are broken)

Native American Graves Protection and Repatriation Act, 1990 (NAGPRA):

Public Archaeology Notes Newsletters:

What is Public Archaeology Notes?  “Notes showcases useful information and resources to inspire our public archaeology work and help us strengthen our engagement and communication with our networks and communities. Notes also helps non-archaeologists learn about and participate in our work.”

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Recommended Books:

Archaeology Matters: Action Archaeology in the Modern World, by Jeremy Sabloff.

Archaeology as a Tool of Civic Engagement, edited by Barbara Little and Paul Shackel.

Cultural Resource Laws & Practice, by Thomas King.